Vineel Shah

Freelance Software Developer (as of June 2018)

I have a B.A. in Computer Science from New York University and have been a professional developer in and around New York City for a couple of decades.

Quick Career Highlights:

GLG, Inc.
Principal Software Engineer
Interfaced with business, designed and built enterprise-scale apps.

Salido, Inc.
Chief Technology Officer
Venture-backed restaurant systems startup.

Chief Technology Officer
Venture-backed mobile / social / location-based iPhone app for parents

Yahoo Hotjobs
Senior Technical Yahoo
Led a dev team of 10 at Yahoo in NYC

Lingo & Shockwave Sourcebook
Primary Author, Wiley & Sons

MTV Online
Manager of Software Development
Helped enter the monetized web era

I build complex software products for startups, agencies, and large corporations and understand the commitment it takes to get them right. I'm experienced with the full life cycle from conceptualization through adoption, definition through deployment.

I lead teams, design UX, architect systems, and code for mobile client and server. I'm good at making software happen.

I am currently looking for part-time, remote projects. although I am available for on-site meetings. I can bill corp-to-corp. I am a US Citizen based in South Orange, NJ.

My Experience Includes

  1. Back-end Development
    • PHP / LAMP stack
    • Node.js / Javascript
    • Microsoft SQL Server TSQL
    • MySQL SQL
  2. Front-end Development
    • React JS
    • JQuery / Plain Javascript
    • Objective C iOS
  3. Technical Design
    • Application Architecture
    • API design
    • Relational database schema design
    • Scalability design

My Resume
Read as HTML, Download as PDF

Some Clients I've Worked With
Coca Cola, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Equifax, Sony Pictures

Contact: / 646-246-8258