VINEEL SHAH 25 Wesley Court South Orange, NJ  646-246-8258



BA in Computer Science, New York University



Languages – JavaScript, SQL, TSQL, PHP, C, Objective C

Platforms – Linux, iOS, Scalable Web Architectures, Search, RDBMs

Management – Developer-only and cross-disciplinary teams of 2-10 members.



GLG, New York, NY (Sept 2014 – June 2018)

Principal Software Engineer

Worked with several business units to identify opportunities for optimization via technology. Used web technologies to craft implementations, and assisted business units to adopt them. Technology stack was Node.js, React, and Microsoft SQL Server.


Salido, Inc., New York, NY (Aug 2012 – July 2014)

Chief Technology Officer, Architect, iOS and Ruby on Rails developer

CTO of angel-backed startup. Led a team of 3-5 developers and 2 freelance designers, in defining and building a Point of Sale system for restaurants, including iPad client, REST API and administration web UI. Field-tested in 4 restaurants. Platform was iOS / Objective-C front-end and Ruby on Rails back-end. Also oversaw design and development of pay-by-phone consumer iOS app, restaurant reservations app, administration and reporting web app, and CRM reservations web app.


RedRover, New York, NY (September 2010 – November 2011)

Chief Technology Officer, Architect, Chief iOS Developer

Joined a VC-backed startup as 3rd full-time employee. Hired a team of 6 full-time and freelance developers, went from wireframe to product in 6 months. Shipped 7 updates through October, each with new features. Managed server team building with Ruby on Rails 3, did most of the iPhone programming in Objective-C myself. Product is a planning-based social network for parents, in the vein of "Facebook for Moms." Platforms include iPhone, Android, and Web apps. Pivoted version available in App Store or at


Freelance, New York, NY ( January - August 2010 )

iPhone / iPad development

·       Estee-Lauder Reference iOS Framework

Working with Estee’s “ELC-Online” division to create a reference framework for Store Locators, Product Catalogs, and Shopping Cart/Mobile Checkout. This framework was given to agencies to help Estee’s various brands develop individual iPhone apps. Used objective-C + Core Location, MapKit, Core Animation, Networking, UIKit.

·       Meet the Animal Friends for iPad

Developed a child’s game (2-4 yr old) using “Cocos2d for iPhone” framework.

·       Here I Am!

Designed and implemented iPhone app to help people send templated SMS messages using a shortened Maps link in just a few clicks. Retired app and rolled function RedRover.


Social Intent LLC, New York, NY (September 2008 – August 2010)

Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder

Server-side Social Apps – Managed and built Facebook/MySpace Apps and iPhone Apps for brands such as Coca Cola, Clinique, Equifax, Hershey’s, Random House, and Sony Pictures. iPhone apps are built in Objective-C and Cocoa. Facebook Apps are built with LAMP stack and the Symfony framework.

iPhone Apps I developed:

·       Realtime Pro Football ’09

Used Three20 framework + iPhone 3.0 SDK to develop Twitter Aggregator for NFL atheletes, coaches, writers, and bloggers. Wrote server in PHP and Twitter API. Retired from App Store after 8k downloads.

·       Latte Factor Calculator by David Bach

Developed novelty calculator for Random House best-selling author, David Bach, using Objective C.


Linkstorm, Inc (January 2008 – September 2008)

Freelance Social Networking Software Designer/Developer

Designed, implemented, focus-grouped, suite of social networking apps for client Coca Cola. These included CokeTags and AskMyFriends. Platform was JavaScript/DHTML on LAMP. Spent several trips to Coke HQ interacting with client and running focus groups.


VFinity Inc., New York, NY (June 2006 – September 2007, Staff)

Software Architect – Enterprise Multimedia Asset Management System

Designed Web Service architecture and wrote code for asset management with concentration on digital video and images. Worked on currently shipping product line and co-led the next-generation project. Implemented Search feature using Luca from SearchBlackBox, a port of Lucene. Also worked extensively on app server, video rendering pipeline, events pipeline, and overall architecture. Used C#, PHP, MySql, SOAP, ffmpeg, mediainfo, imagemagick, and other tools.


CoderCentric, New York, NY (December 2004 – May 2006, Owner)

Head Human

In addition to consulting, I designed, implemented, marketed, and shipped a client-side database schema drawing tool called dbSketch. Implementation was completely Java and Swing, shipping natively for both Macintosh and Windows environments.


Yahoo, New York, NY (December 2002 – October 2004, Staff)

Senior Technical Yahoo – Hotjobs

Responsible for leading next-generation effort on paid advertisement management application, a team that included 10 front and back end programmers. Spent 6 months in Requirements Gathering, working with all aspects of the Hotjobs business. Marshaled team dynamic and technology: Java with Hibernate and MySql on the back end, PHP on the front-end. I initiated Matching/Search projects for jobs, drove procurement and design of a $1 million integration project, and coded questionnaire functionality in PHP and Java on Oracle.


Senior Technical Yahoo – Softshoe (Enterprise Unit for Hotjobs)

Technical manager for $2 million enterprise-only subunit of Hotjobs, a hosted recruitment application for Global 100 companies. Clients included Pfizer, UBS, UPS, Lucent, others. Managed ongoing custom development, fire-fighting, and next-generation redevelopment effort.


Imaginary Forces, New York, NY (April 2002 – December 2002, Consulting)

Internet Consultant

Helped plan transition from HTML website to a site that had Flash on the front end, Java on the back-end, and XML between. As part of project, implemented a custom content management system.


BenefitsCheckup, New York, NY (Aug 2001– March 2002, Consulting)

Architecture Consultant

Created an architecture and transition plan for converting Cold Fusion application to Java JSP/Open Source platform. Began coding, then handed off to in-house developers


CCD Development, New York, NY (Feb – July 2001, Consulting)

Technical Director

Led a pro-bono project to re-engineer the database and create a database-driven website for a non-profit organization called New York Cares. Managed client relationship and designed architecture for new system.


Home Trade, New York, NY / Mumbai, India  (Aug 2000 – Jan 2001, Consulting)

Tech Strategy & Architecture – Traveled to India to help dig this Financial Portal website out of its development crisis. Brought in by their venture capitalist.

•    Evaluated current vendor and architecture, determined was beyond salvage.

•    Interviewed 13 vendors, established relationship with new vendors.

•    Re-architected complete site based on n-tier J2EE specifications.

•    Coached team of 7 young programmers while creating J2EE editorial administration, data feed, and display system.


LivePerson, New York NY (March – June 2000, Consulting)

Wireless Architect & Developer – Developed two real-time chat applications:

Palm OS– Architected and programmed Palm real-time messaging tool, similar to AIM.

•    Tier 1 was the Palm TCP/IP client, written in C++.

•    Tier 2 was a Java socket server, which communicated with Client via TCP/IP sockets, and LivePerson back-end via JMS messaging.


Research In Motion Interactive Pager-

•    Tier 1 was the RIM 957 application, written in C++, using RIM’s tools and Broadbeam client.

•    Tier 2 was a C++ communications application running as a service in Windows 2000, connecting to the Mobitex network via Broadbeam middleware. Parsed messages and passed them through, 2-way, to a Java server, via TCP/IP sockets.

•    Tier 3 was a Java Server. It communicated toward the pager via TCP/IP, and toward the LivePerson back-end via an implementation of Java Messaging Service. Parsed messages and kept state for open conversations, and handled initialization and tear-down of sessions.


iVillage, New York NY (Sep 1999 –Feb 2000, Consulting)

Vignette Consultant

Re-architected several subsystems of the E-Commerce “shopping” channel. Largest was an attribute-based content rotation-tool that changed content based on an adaptive algorithm. All work was based on Vignette StoryServer, TCL, and Oracle.


Children's Television Workshop Online, New York, NY  (May 1998 – May 1999, Staff)

StickerWorld, Technical Director / Architect

•    Designed, architected, and led implementation team of 5 coders, for 5 months, on 250,000 member online community application. Site was often featured on AOL Kids section. Signup rate peaked at 3,000 new members per day.

•    Users create self-configured pages of e-stickers, which may be animated, gamelets, or images.

•    Internal point-based economy allowed trading, buying, and selling of e-stickers between all members.

•    Central, scalable architecture based on Vignette StoryServer, TCL, SQL, and Oracle.



Make-A-Story, Developer

•    Designed and implemented multi-technology web application, using Vignette StoryServer, SQL/Oracle, Unix C, Windows MFC, and Macromedia Director/Shockwave.

•    Application was a children’s dynamic storybook, where user created a storybook by dragging images onto specific locations on a background graphic (Shockwave.)


Travel and Freelancing, Earth, Solar System (Oct 1997 – Apr 1998)


Took time out of my life and visited Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, India, and South Africa. Along the way, did projects for NetGravity, JCrew, Panasonic, and Hearst.


MTV Online (Music Television Website,) New York, NY (Apr – Sep 1997, Staff)

Manager, Software Development

Lead several projects using internal and external developers.

   Java Class Architect– Served as manager and class architect in a small team that was rewriting the Java-based user interface of the site.

   Designed new server-side architecture - for serving the redesigned site with multiple database applications, rotated advertising, and separate "personalities" for Internet and America Online users.

   User Interface Redesign– In response to focus group testing, lead a redesign effort coordinating with tech, graphic, creative, and IS departments. The new design has been completed and resulted in much improved focus-testing and a doubled site traffic. Design ran for one year.


Engine.RDA, New York, NY (Jan 1996 – March 1997, Staff)

Lead Software Engineer

Lead a staff of three programmers.

   Organized, developed, and co-produced multimedia projects for the World Wide Web and CD-ROM. Programmed with C, C++, Java, SQL, Windows API & MFC (Visual C++,) & Macromedia Director.

  Zeitgeist- Website pilot for the Microsoft Network (MSN)

   Hootie & the Blowfish Enhanced CD, Pet Shop Boys ECD,Gerry Mulligan ECD- for N2K & Atlantic Records


John Wiley & Sons, New York, NY (Dec 1995 – Dec 1996)

Primary Author Lingo & Shockwave Sourcebook

Conceived and wrote a technical book on multimedia programming with Macromedia Director. Produced and programmed companion CD-ROM . Book went on sale in February, 1997.


CHI 96, Vancouver, Canada (1996 Feb )

Co-Chair of CHIKids program — One of five leaders of computer camp/children's research experiment in the ACM Computer-Human Interface conference. Participated again in 1998.


Imergy, New York, NY (Feb 1995 – Jan 1996, Staff)

Star Trek Omnipedia, Windows — Voice Recognition Programmer

Integrated Dragon Speech API with CD-ROM using Win32 API and C++.


New York University, New York NY (Jan – Dec 1995)

Lingo Instructor

Taught six sections of beginning and advanced Lingo.


The Voyager Company, New York, NY (Apr 1994 – Feb 95, Staff)

Software Engineer

Participated in several multimedia CD-ROM projects, including Voyager Presents, a Win/Mac project with a team of 4 programmers, and Spinal Tap for Windows, VC++, Quicktime 2.0.


Media Research Laboratory of New York University, New York, NY (Spring 1993 – Summer 1994)

Multimedia Designer/Software Engineer

   Immersive Environments—Created an authoring application to allow non-technical students to control room-size interactive environments w/sensors, triggered lights, video, and sound.

   KPL—Ported a custom three dimensional graphics language from UNIX to Windows


Citibank Financial Institutions & Services Group, New York, NY (June 1993 – March 1994, Staff)

Technical Associate for Architecture Group

Created client/server applications and a class library for distributed computing using UNIX with DCE, C++, and TeleUSE/Motif.